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Welcome to the New Fishing Fury

Fishing Fury LogoWelcome to the new Fishing Fury! Our site is now powered WordPress, as opposed to underpowered by PHPnuke, and should have a lot more to offer readers and authors alike. Be sure to register and check back often for new stories about current events, fishing reports, product reviews, and featured content. If you prefer RSS we have feeds for RSS 2.0, RSS .92, ATOM and even a comments feed.

If you’re having any problems with page layout please let me know. There is a small bug in the way blockquotes are rendered in IE and may end up under image or a multiple lines down due to poor implementation on Microsoft’s part. I recommend, and the site is optimized for, Firefox and Opera. unfortunately, I’ve been unable to test on any Mac browsers so there could be a few layout problems there. Anyway, should you notice any problems please send me (jwm at fishingfury dot com) an email with a screenshot and information on your browser and OS.

The spirit of Fishing Fury is about intense overwhelming feelings of excitement and adrenaline we get when fishing. People can get that furious feeling from many things, from playing sports to jumping a motorcycle over a line of cars rigged with explosives. We however, get that feeling from fishing and more than anything enjoy seeing that fury erupt in other people when fishing and the current feature, written by my best friend Rachel, truly reflects the spirit of Fishing Fury. She is by no means an avid fishermen, but did a little fishing on a boat tour and was unable to escape the excitement once the reel started screaming and a large marlin could be seen in the distance. It was truly a Fishing Fury moment and I’m very happy to put her experience up as our first feature.

My First Marlin by Rachel Larratt

Suddenly I heard the ZIP of the line and I watched as a small Dorado launched into the air. It was a beautiful sight but it didn’t last for long. Again the line went quiet. I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. The long swim and the heat out on the water started to get to me. At this point I’d begun to feel like we weren’t going to catch anything so I went into the cabin to have a short nap in the air conditioning. The gentle rock of the boat almost lulled me to sleep. From inside the cabin I heard that sound. ZIP!! I jumped off the bunk bed and ran outside. I waited for a second before getting my hopes up and then I saw the marlin jump into the air. It was an amazing rush!

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