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Buena Suerte

Mike with TunaYesterday I went fishing again with Fishermen’s Fleet I didn’t have a partner so I was randomly setup with another guy who was alone. My partner ended up being Mike, pictured holding the two massive tuna, but a different one than featured in the article below. Anyway, Mike was here on vacation with family and decided to book a one day fishing trip and luckily for him he got me as his partner. I swear I should start working for charters as the beginner’s good luck charm. The fishing was much slower than my previous trip on the 5th, but once we found the tuna we couldn’t keep the fish away. Mike ended up catching 4 big yellow fin tuna like the ones pictured, and two even bigger bonita tuna that were released. We caught squid for bait again, but no Diablo Rojo killer squid this time. I did get a couple cool videos with my digital camera that I’ll probably upload tonight and post tomorrow.

What did I catch? 2 1/2 tuna. Yea, one was about half the size of the tuna Mike was catching so I’m only going to counting it as half. I still had an awesome time and went home with a smile on my face and a big bag of fresh tuna steaks.

Don’t forget to check out the Fishermen’s Fleet video that I posted yesterday.

Sunrise in La Paz Captain Efraine with Tuna

Also as promised here is our new featured fishing log. On October 5th 2005 I booked a trip with David Jones’ Fishermen’s Fleet for myself and two friends who had never been deep sea fishing before. It’s a long story, but had to be told in detail as it is my most memorable fishing trip here in La Paz thus far. Not to mention that I got to take out two good guys to experience why we call it Fishing Fury.

Beginners Luck; Gracefully Out-Fished by a Novice

Beginners Luck; Gracefully Out-Fished by a Novice

In the van it was the usual conversations you find on these trips. Where are you from? What do you do? Etc. One of the guys kiddingly refers to us as “the new guys”, but I explained to him how I’ve been living here for a while and have gone out plenty of times. Since I don’t know this fellows name, we’ll just call him “the weekend warrior” since he later admitted it was his first day fishing on this trip. We’re joking back and forth, and before you know it, the ability to catch fish comes up. He makes a funny comment about our ability, and I kindly replied. “We’ll be looking for you on the beach.”

By some strange occurance of beginners luck and being dubbed “the new guys”. Phil, who has never actually caught a fish in his life, was our lucky charm.