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Scandalous Muskies!

It would appear that one of the biggest scandals in fishing revolves around the legitimacy of the world record muskellunge. According to Chicago Sun-Times, the world record muskie has been proved to be false for the second time since 1992.

In the 1940s several huge muskie were caught including two fish over sixty nine pounds in 1949. Incredibly enough both fish were caught in the famous Chippewa Flowage, and now both fish have been disqualified as world records after careful examination.

Disqualified? – Lawton’s world record muskie 69 pounds, 15 ounces (picture)
Disqualified? – Spray’s world record muskie 69 pounds, 11 ounces (picture)

Cal JohnsonLooks like the new standing record may belong to Cal Johnson. His muskie weighed a hefty 67 and a half pounds, with a length of over 60 inches. I say ‘new’ but this fish was also caught in 1949 and is simply replacing the falsified claims. Cal Johnson’s musky will also be examined and could potentially be found as a false entry, but it looks much bigger than the other two.

If Johnson’s record is proved to be false, it looks like a musky caught in Canadian waters by Kenneth O’brien will become a potential new world record. The O’Brien musky was caught on October 16, 1988 in Georgian Bay, Ontario and is the current Canadian record. Many Canadians believe the next record will come from Ontario, but only time will tell.

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Ken Obrien