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The Evening Secret – Not Really a Secret

Neon FishWant to catch more fish? Looking for the ultimate fishing weapon that is not only 100% guaranteed to double your catch, but is also banned in two states? Well look no further!

“Secret fishing weapon from 1947 has been re-discovered and revealed to the public – for the first time…”

After reading the entire Evening Secret webpage, which is very long, I learned nothing about the product except that it attracts baitfish. No details are given on what the “Evening Secret” really is, except it runs off a car or boat battery, and you are expected to pay almost $200.00 to find out more!

I decided to check out some other sites and find out more about this “shocking discovery.”

After five minutes of research I learned that the evening secret is most likely a light, not unlike this one at Cabelas.

After all is said and done this product could potentially be great, but not $200 great. I mean it makes sense that fish are attracted to lights, that why it is illegal to use high powered light while fishing in some states. This is certainly not a product I will purchase, but this guy gets an “A” for effort on making such a long webpage about a neon light.

Has anyone out there actually tried this pruduct?