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Fishing Boat Helps One Man Rescue 400

Rescue BoatWhen Hurricane Katrina hit new Orleans earlier this year, many people evacuated and many people stayed. Among the evacuated where three fishermen who left behind their new Skeeter fishing boat. Several weeks after the hurricane, once the water had receded enough to allow travel, the three fishermen returned home to check out the damage. The new boat was of course gone, but they searched for it, and incredibly enough, they found it. While checking the damage to the boat they found a message on the side: “This boat rescued over 400 people – thank you! – Ken Bellau,” along with a telephone number.

What they didn’t know was that Ken Bellau had borrowed their boat and taken it on an epic adventure to aid victims of the hurricane.

“Little did he know that in his first two weeks home, he would end up as a guide to a battalion of 462 California National Guardsmen, rescue more than 400 people trapped in the floodwaters, help capture two looters by ramming their boat, bluff five gang members into a peaceful outcome of an armed standoff and use his connections to bring 500 donated hot pizzas. He would also help with 600 donated steaks to give the Guardsmen and another unit their first normal meals since they’d arrived in the disaster zone.”