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Shore Fishing Tactics

This week I will be (trying my best to) add at least one article or fishing log a day as I go through all of our features from the old site and adding them to the current site. Today’s addition is the first article ever written for Fishing Fury, back in 2004, about the very simple and effective shore fishing tactics Clive and I used on Toronto Island.

Simple & Effective Shore Fishing Tactics

Every fisherman has been shore bound at one time. After all it is the oldest and most common method. You don’t have a boat, the body of water you’re fishing doesn’t support them, or it’s just not feasible to get your boat in or to the water. Many people think that you cant land big fish from shore, let alone a lot of them. But by using these tactics you will find the best structure and locations quickly getting you one step closer to hooking the big one.

The tactics discussed here are most important when fishing new water and there is only one rule: “cover everything”. You must be very thorough and meticulous in your approach the first few days. Think of it as a reconnaissance mission, you may not be catching fish your first day, but you’re gathering information that will lead to lots of fish later.

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