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Fishing Tech Goes Nano

The new STROM (no that’s not a misspelling) lure is the first ever fishing lure to take advantage of nanotechnology. The nanocoating, which gives the lure it’s great looks, are applied using a special vacuum technology. The optical coating has a high degree of light transmission, giving it that prismatic, “holographic” look. While at the same time the lure is able to reflect light in all directions and in colours across the spectrum, unlike traditional spoons which can only reflect in one direction and colour.

Nanotechnology is a field of applied science that focuses on the design and synthesis of materials at the molecular level.

STROM Lure with Nanotech Coating

Tests suggest that the STROM catches 4 times as many fish as traditional lures.

It will be interesting to see if they reach Canada and just how outrageous of a price tag they will have. The manufacturer is suggesting a retail price of about $25 USD.

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