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Monster Snoek, Netherlands Pike!

Pike are one of the most popular sport fish in the world, and for good reason – they are savage predators and can grow very large. We at FishingFury love fishing for pike and all creatures Esox. We have posted photos in the past of potential world records, but no picture on this site has seen as much world wide attention as the monster pike seen below. I have seen this photo all over the interweb and have been emailed questions about it by thousands of people (well, maybe not thousands, but at least one or two)

Netherlands monster pike

If you are a avid fisherman, this photo has probably been appearing in your inbox more times then you can count, being sent by family and friends bragging that it was caught by a friend of a friend in a nearby lake (I’ve heard stories of it being a Manitoba or Ontario fish lately). Fact of the matter is that it wasn’t caught anywhere near you, unless of course you live in the Netherlands. The photo even appeared in ESOX Angler magazine and this only created more rumours.

There is no doubt that this is a massive pike, but stories of it being a new world record pike are completely untrue. The actual weight of this beast is 42.9lbs (19.5 kgs), and the length is 50 inches! This once in a lifetime catch was released to swim another day. If you want to read the story of this incredible pike, check out

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