Posted on December 17, 2007 by

Hot Rod Fish Mounts!

Ever wonder what a shark would like if it was painted like a hot rod? Well thanks to Jamiz Air Studios, you don’t have to. These unique, hot rod inspired mounted fish (including barracuda, tuna, marlin, sailfish and more) can be yours for as low as $500 USD.

Card Shark Flame ray Flame shark Mahi mount Bull shark

Fire marlin

Choose from subtle ghost flames, traditional hot rod flames, tribal flames, realistic fire, or any combination thereof. Since all custom orders are just that, “custom”, you can pick your base, flame, and/or fire colors. For business owners, we can also incorporate your company logo into the design! (See some samples below) We also have some over-the-top “specialty theme” designs. And will gladly try to accommodate any design requests.

To view more crazy designs, check out the gallery.