July 2008

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Fly Fishing Tattoos

We just got an email from the trout fanatics at swittersb.wordpress.com with some great fly fishing tattoos. Not only do they share our love of fishing, but they share our love of tattoos as well! Speaking of tattoos, I’ll be getting some new ink next week for my birthday, and it is most certainly going to be a fishing tattoo!

My son, Tony, and I would be honored if you would post our tattoos.

Tattoos by Jerry Ware, Atlas Tattoos in Portland, Oregon.

Posted on July 11, 2008 by

Catch The Fury Updates

Jon and I have been working on updating all of our old fishing pictures on our gallery. There are almost 400 images available to view right now, and probably 400+ more to add. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we get everything up to date. Click the images below to check out some of the latest additions!

Catch The Fury

If you’ve got an images you’d like to add to our galleries, send them to [email protected]

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