September 2008

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Blue Marlin ‘Caught’ in Wales

Earlier this year, a good size swordfish washed up on a beach in south Wales and now an ever rarer fish has shown up, a blue marlin. This 9ft 6in specimen was found dead on a beach in West Wales and is said to be the first marlin ever ‘caught’ in Wales. Normally the blue marlin is found in the warmer waters of the Mid Atlantic and Caribbean.

“To find one on the beach in Britain is unheard of and I’ve been told this is the first one recorded in British waters.”

via Telegraph

Thanks Mark!

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National Fishing And Hunting Day

If you live in the good ole US of A and have never been fishing, give it a try on National fishing day! On Saturday, September 27, 2008, there will be several events held around the country to promote fishing and hunting.

    Fishing Facts

  • More than 64 million Americans hunt and fish.
  • More than 44 million Americans six years of age and older enjoy fishing every year.
  • Americans fish 557 million days per year.
  • An average angler spends $1,046 every year on the sport.
  • Over one quarter of all anglers are female.


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I Want An Aquatic Vehicle For Fishing

I found this cool aquatic Jeep on Reddit today. It’s probably one of the nicest aquatic cars I’ve seen that seems to be easily adaptable to fishing. If anyone ever sees one of these in their local trader magazine please let me know!

Built by the folks at the Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio, the Platypus Jeep is a paragon of on-road and in-water capabilities. The floating four-wheeler runs with a turbo diesel engine and is capable of 110 KPH on the road and 10.5 KPH in the water. The hull is designed to work in wave heights up to 1.5 meters and bottoms with a slight 0.75 meter draft depth.

Check out this post on Loqu with more information and photos.

We’ve covered plenty of other aquatic vehicles before on Fishing Fury.. We’ve talked about the Corvette Powerboat, an ATV that turns into a jetski, the classic car known as the ‘Fisher Fury’, the Gibbs HSA, and probably a few others I can’t find right now.

In this modern world we even have cars that will take you underwater, which is great news for all you lazy spear fishermen. It’s called the Rinspeed sQuba and was recently featured on the show Fifth Gear.

Don’t think that aquatic cars are a modern invention, in fact they’ve been around for over half a century! While I like the appeal of a modern aquatic car the look and mechanics of the simple military styling, like the Jeep above, are what I really like. My personal and all time favorite aquatic car is the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen circa 1942!

Dear Schwimmwagen video makers put some music in these videos and mix your capture audio down a bit.. I’ll be more than happy to show you how for an afternoon fishing out of your Schwimmwagen. Until then turn down your sound before playing this video.

There’s even one for sale in the US right now that’s apparently an award winning fully restored show car (no water test). No word if the two Mauser or the MG are included, but those spaces would make nice rod holders don’t you think, heh.. The owner also mentions that he would consider a Ferrari as a “partial trade”, so I doubt you’ll see me in this one anytime soon.

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