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Drawing Flies

Most people have new years resolutions such as eating healthy, or going to the gym more often, but Jeff from DrawingFlies365 has a much more interesting goal, to draw a new fly everyday for 365 days. I’ll be really impressed if he is able to complete a drawing a day. Judging by the quality of his work, these probably take quite a while to complete. Best of luck Jeff, I’ll be checking in regularly!

Drawing 365 flies

I initiated the creation of this blog as a challenge. The challenge is to draw a fly a day for an entire year. Part of the challenge is the discipline to accomplish this every day and the other is to expand my creativity and to help find my artistic voice. The sky is the limit on how the flies will be created. You may have wondered, “why is he drawing flies?” My other hobby is fly fishing and fly tying. I also welcome the challenge of drawing the natural materials that are used in the flies. So hang on and enjoy the ride for the next 365 days!

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