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World Record Paddlfish

Heres a fish I had never seen or heard of until two years ago when a co-worker introduced them to me. He and his dad fished for them when he was younger. After he showed me a few photos and I was amazed. The paddlefish is a very unique freshwater fish. Their skeletons are primarily composed of cartilage much like a shark, and they can esialy be identified by their huge rounded bill.

Chinese paddlefish caught in the Yangtze River can grow up to 9 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds. Both the American and Chinese paddlefish eat zooplankton which they filter through their huge mouth and gills.

Fishermen generally catch these fish by snagging them with heavy equipment and large hooks.

144lb paddlefish

The world record American paddlefish was caught in Kansas by Clinton Boldridge on Carp bait May 5 2004, and weighed 144 pounds. It was 75 inches long with a 45 1/4 inch girth.