Posted on June 21, 2008 by

My First Father/Son Fishing Trip!

I’ve been planning on taking my son Ash fishing for some, but the weather here hasn’t been very good until recently. He thinks my fishing reels are his toys, and messes with them constantly. I even have a couple of old reels that I don’t use anymore sitting in his toy box. Today was a beautiful warm day, so I decided it would be a perfect day for our first fishing trip together. We headed down to Albro Lake, which has been producing lots of small bass recently.

We got to the lake at two in the afternoon and I put Ash into a sling so I had my hands free to cast. He was able to sit comfortably in front of me and keep an eye out for jumping fish. We fished for about 25 minutes and I was able to catch 2 little bass, and lost one. Ash was very curious and was happy to handle the fish. He got upset every time I let the fish go because he wanted to play with them. I tried to explain to him that they needed to go back in the water to live, but explaining anything to a 9 month old is pretty difficult.

Clive and Ash fishing at Albro Lake