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More Little Vermilion Pike

This year has been a year of catching nothing but small fish so far. I’m not complaining, the fishing here in Nova Scotia is great, but those massive Ontario fish are hugely responsible for my love of fishing. At least I can take some satisfaction in helping others catch some big fish this year. Our reports of monster pike at Little Vermilion have received plenty of attention and we are always happy to divulge locations and lures to help our readers have success. I was contacted by Ken a while back asking for some advise on fishing LV, and as a result he had a great trip. Of course we cant take all the credit, Little Vermilion is a great lake and Ken is an experienced angler, check out his recent catches – this is what fishing Ontario is all about!

At Sportsmans we had 5 people and did very well – 24 Trophy’s and forget how many slots.