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Bioline Biodegradable Fishing Line

Every now and then there is a truly incredible fishing product unleashed to the world and I think Bioline sound like one of the best fishing products ever made. As a fisherman, it is very important to me not to damage the areas I fish. I stopped using monofiliment line years ago, believing that a switch to braided line would not only catch me more fish, but would be better for the environment. Unfortunately, as I’ve recently learned, braided lines will often take hundreds of years longer to biodegrade then mono.

I hate to say it, but a lot fishermen cause serious harm to the environments they fish by leaving behind garbage and bundles of fishing line tangled around rocks and trees. I try to clean up some of the areas I fish, but its seems to be a loosing battle. Trash like left over mono line will be around 500 years from now, creating not only an eyesore, but potential deathtraps for animals. I’m really looking forward to testing this new line, if its as good as it sounds I’ll be using it on all my reels.

Bioline biofilament fishing line biodegrades in the environment in five years. Used properly, this is the only characteristic you’ll never notice.

What you will notice is superior casting distance and exceptional knot strength, along with outstanding UV and abrasion resistance. Bioline does not absorb water like traditional monofilaments and its characteristics do not change as it’s fished. And yes, should you break off a leader or length of line, it will be gone in five years versus six hundred.

Stored in its original package, Bioline has a five-year shelf life. Once spooled on a reel, the line will retain 100% of its strength for a period of 10 to 12 months, with no special handling.