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The Worlds Most Polluted River

The Citarum River in Indonesia may very well be the most polluted river in the world. It was once home to many fishermen, who now spend their days sorting through the garbage for items that can be re-sold. An industrial boom that began in the 1980s is blamed the the current state of the river.

Here in North America, I often hear people complain about the pollution in our lakes and rivers, but I’ve never witnessed anything like this.

Their occupants no longer try to fish. It is more profitable to forage for rubbish they can salvage and trade – plastic bottles, broken chair legs, rubber gloves – risking disease for one or two pounds a week if they are lucky.

    “And the doomsday effect will spread. It is one of two major rivers that feed Lake Saguling, where the French have built the largest power generator in West Java.
    Experts predict that as the river chokes, its volume will decrease and the generator will not function properly.
    The area will be plunged into darkness.
    But at least the factories will be stilled and their waste will stop flowing.
    And perhaps the river will begin to breathe again.”

via Daily Mail