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Fishing In Taiwan

It’s hard to tell right now how much the worlds current economic state has effected the sport fishing industry. In Taiwan it certainly has. Thanks in part to the high number of unemployed, people are looking for inexpensive ways to spend they’re time, and fishing fits the bill. Its relatively cheap to buy a decent rod and reel, and bait can be found for free with a little creativity. Not only is fishing a great way to spend your day, but if you cant afford to buy food, you can hopefully catch it!

Taiwan fishing

The growing number of anglers in Taiwan has helped fishing tackle business’ boom, while other retailers are failing. Maybe we’ll be seeing that little Made In Taiwan sticker on our fishing gear soon…

I don’t think North America has seen the same results from our economic downturn, but we still may. Have you noticed an increase in fishermen near you?

via Taipei Times