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The Best Places To Watch Fishing Shows Online

There are a lot of good fishing shows out there, but theres no way you can watch them all if they don’t air in your country. Luckily, many of these shows are making their way onto the net. Whether you want to see some salt water fishing, or freshwater fishing, this list has dozens of species and locations covered. Sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy!

Real Fishing With Bob Izumi, Canada
This is one of my favorite shows. Bob has been on the air or over 20 years here in Canada and I’ve spend many Saturday mornings watching his show. There are four complete seasons of the Real Fishing Show featuring 26 episodes each available on their website.

Getting Hooked With Aaron and Barry, Canada
Aaron and Barry are a prime example that hard work and determination will payoff in the end. The started the show as an online based program and after several years of hard work they were picked up on the Outdoor Life Network.

The Ultimate Fishing Show, New Zealand
We’ve featured a few clips from these guys here and they are always entertaining. You’ll see some tactics and footage here you wont see anywhere else!

Chew On This: Saltwater Fishing Show, United States
This show features Captain Ben Chancey catching some truly massive saltwater fish. If you like seeing huge fish, this features some serious monsters of the deep!

Channel C, United States
This site has a ton of great video content. You can follow all sorts of great shows here, including Jason Quinn’s quest to make it back to the Bassmaster Classic and Jose Wejebe’s serious adventures on The Road Less Traveled.

National Geographic’s Hooked, Worldwide
Tune in and watch some of the biggest and rarest fish from around the world!

2 Dan’s Fishing, Australia
A solid and entertaining show straight out of Oz. You can tell these guys love every second they spend on the water. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they have some lovely sheilas fishing with them too! You can also check out some teasers from upcoming projects on their homepage,

Let us know if we have missed any of your favorites!