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Bass Season Is Almost Here!

Bass season is already open all over the Unites states, but if you live in Ontario, Canada, you’ll have to wait until this Saturday to fish for them. I always loved fish bass when I lived in Ontario, and while I still fish for bass, my only option here in Nova Scotia is to fish for smallmouth. Now don’t get me wrong, I love smallie fishing, but there is something really special about getting a big largemouth.

Ontario Bass Facts:

  • The record smallmouth bass caught in Ontario is 9.84 lbs (4.46 kg)
  • The record largemouth bass caught in Ontario is 10.43 lbs (4.73 kg)
  • Smallmouth typically live in deeper water near rocks, sand, or gravel and prefer cooler temperatures then largemouth. The idea temperature is around 70°F (21°C).
  • Largemouth typically are found in shallow, warmer water with aquatic vegetation, wood and rocks and other cover. They usually prefer water temperatures between 79 to 81°F (26 to 27°C).


We’ll be dedicating the next few days to bass fishing, so stay tuned!

Image via Ontario Fishing Regulations