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Bass Season in Cottage Country

As many of you already know this Saturday marks the opening of Bass season here in Ontario. I doubt that any season opener is as highly valued among sport fisherman than Bass opener, in my opinion it truly marks the beginning of summer here in Ontario. Unfortunately we’ve had some crazy weather around here today and yesterday, including tornados, however this weekend’s outlook says Saturday should be beautiful.

Naturally I planned ahead making sure I wasn’t on call for work and that I had a good few friends willing to join me for a nice weekend out in cottage country fishing for bass. This weekend I will be fishing with David and Paul from the forums on Kennebec Lake about three hours from Toronto and we will be staying at Springwood Cottages right on the lake. David has stayed at this cottage before and is familiar with the lake so he will be a huge help. You may remember Paul from the high definition Toronto Island video where he caught a beautiful pike, as a native of France I doubt he’s ever experienced the excitement of bass season here in Ontario. Well tomorrow he will!

David tells me I’ll be waking up to this view Saturday morning, and that island looks like the perfect place to start looking for bass!

Kennebec Lake - Springwood Cottages

Also be sure to check out our new Fishing Fury Twitter page where I will (signal permitting) be updating live as the weekend progresses.

Check out Springwood Cottages website for more info on their services and Kennebec Lake!