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New World Record Large Mouth Bass?

You may have heard by now that a monster largemouth bass has been caught in Lake Biwa, Japan. It is believed that this fish may be the new world record, beating tying the old largemouth world record record (a record that has stood since 1932!) by just one ounce!

world record bass
This bass was almost 30 inches long and weighed 22 pounds, 5 ounce (10.12kg). The potential record was caught by Manabu Kurita of the Deps Tackle Company in Japan.

new world record bass?
Look at that girth!

We’ll let you know when this catch is official!

via The Bassholes

UPDATE: According to“The unofficial WRB was caught on a live Japanese Koi (also known as carp) in the southern area of Lake Biwa called Nanko. The fish was caught and landed on a Deps Sidewinder The Dom Driver F/E Rod and TORAY Super Hard Strong 25lb line. After trying to keep the fish alive in a live well the fish unfortunately passed away and is now frozen awaiting certification.”