Posted on August 1, 2009 by

Fishing Fury Renovations And Additions

That’s right, we’re moving again! I’m sure some of you have noticed the recent instability in the site, we’ve even been discussing it in the forums. We’ll we’ve got our new hosting setup and we’ve already moved our sponsors program and galleries.

The move will happen sunday night/monday morning and I hope that it’s quick and painless. While you’re waiting we invite you to our newest project, it’s still beta so be gentle!

Legendary Fishermen is a community site focused on bringing people that love fishing together. Our aim is to create a community where people can share their love of fishing, meet fellow anglers around the world, and display the infinite spectrum of wonder the fishing world has to offer.

The site is running WordPress MU and Buddy Press, We’ve never run a site like this before so we thought, why not get release early and let the needs of community dictate the direction and features of the site. Ultimately you will be able to connect with other anglers around the world, read their blogs, write your own too of course, and more! Right now the blog creation is turned off until I can figure out some of the settings and themes, but your blog url would be something like, that and 500MB of space for your photos and videos all for the price of.. FREE!

Have fun and I hope to see some new members and groups when I get back from Lake Scugog tomorrow afternoon. I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.