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9 Year Old May Have Tournament Winner

I was out getting coffee this morning and what should I see, but a 9 year old kid with a huge (34.64 pound) Chinook Salmon on the cover of the Toronto Sun! The fish was caught on his recently deceased grandfather’s lucky blue lure, which he says he will be retiring as it has already done it’s job of catching the biggest fish.

Not only that but this young man he could take home every prize in the tournament including a boat, motor, trailer, and a brand new truck to tow it all with. Granted he’s going to have to wait a few years to drive it, I’m sure his father is the happiest man alive. Not only does he get all this cool stuff, but in exchange for it he’ll probably have to take his kid fishing every weekend, in their new boat!

Tournament chairman Walter Oster tells me if by 8 p.m. none of the weigh-in stations have a bigger fish, then not only will the Terry Fox Public School student win this week’s competition and a boat, motor and trailer, but will also be the leading fish in the derby, putting him in contention for a $40,000 Toyota Tacoma pickup to be handed over Aug. 29.

“Nine-year-old Zane Patrick would be the youngest person to win the grand prize in the history of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby,” said Oster, who says winnings for those under 18 are held in trust. “His closest rival was 11-year-old Bianca Dattomo who came in second (in a weekly competition) last year and took home $2,000 cash.”

Zane said his arms hurt for “an hour” after but he found inspiration from his grandfather Ross, who died Aug. 30, 2007, of leukemia.

via Toronto Sun

You may also recall that Fishing Fury has been in the Toronto Sun before as well, though we didn’t make the cover..