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Water Torture Tank Escape Artist

I took my niece to the Canadian National Exhibit last Sunday, we had a great time on all the rides and playing games, I think by the end of the night she filled my backpack with at least 15 stuffed animals that she won all on her own. Before we left for the night I really wanted to check out this underwater escape artist who does a full view water torture tank escape. Much to my surprise it was even more intense than I imagined!

High Definition – CNE Water Torture Tank Escape (Kristen Johnson and Kevin Ridgeway)

It’s my understanding that Kristen Johnson is the only female in the world currently performing the water torture tank escape, and is the only person to ever do so in a full view tank.

This is the raw high definition footage straight off my new Sanyo WH1, I did not edit or modify the footage in anyway. Ironically the Sanyo WH1 is capable of underwater shooting, up to 10 feet deep, and while this footage is “underwater” the camera is not. I’m hoping to shoot some test footage underwater later this week or perhaps this weekend if I’m able to go fishing.

Stay tuned for a full review of the camera soon, and don’t forget to watch the full HD version of this video!

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