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Fishing St. Margarets Bay, NS

St Margarets Bay view

I finally had the chance to do some saltwater fishing here in Nova Scotia. I met up with my buddy Craig who lives out on Black Point in St Margaret’s Bay around noon on Sunday. I’ve been listening to Craig talk about the bucket fulls of mackerel he’s been catching this summer, so I figured I should check it out before it gets too cold. We launched from the shore of his uncles house and headed out toward deeper water. The map doesn’t really justify how massive the bay is, especially when you are sitting in a 14 foot aluminum boat.

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Craig didn’t waste any time, catching a small mackerel on the first cast, which was released after a few photos. Its not uncommon to catch 3-4 mackerel at a time when you can find a big school of fish, but we really had a hard time finding them. We covered a lot of water drifting and then we headed out to fish around the small islands within the bay. We’d heard reports of mackerel being caught in the area yesterday, but as fate would have it, all the fish had moved on. It wasn’t until we were heading back to the launch that we came across some more fish. I thought I had snagged some sea weed, but it turned out to be three good size mackerel, at the same time, including the biggest of the day. Craig also caught a couple more fish before we motored back. It wasn’t the best day of fishing, but a great time was definitely had by all. I’ll definitely be heading out again as soon as I can.

Craig launchng the boatlobster-shackClive's mackerel