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GULP Alive Killed My Rug

You may recall a recent post where I talked about a rug that was ruined while I was at Mystery Lake because one of the Berkley GULP! Alive buckets had leaked, well here’s the rug! Since that original post more and more people have contacted me telling me of similar experiences they’ve had with this product. So, I have created an official petition to have Berkley fix their packaging, once we’ve gotten more than 100 signatures I will send the petition to Berkley.

It’s a shame really, this product is amazing it’s the packaging that sucks. In this economy the $25+ (CDN) price tag, coupled with the possibility of having to replace ($220 rug from Ikea) or professionally clean any surface that happens to absorb this liquid. I can’t recommend this product without sticking a huge warning on it.

Permanent stain from a leaky Berkley GULP! Alive bucket.

Permanent stain from a leaky Berkley GULP! Alive bucket.

We put flour and baking soda over the stain before we left, hoping it would soak up some of the moisture and oil. As you can see it did absorb some however a large stain can still be clearly seen and a second ring of oil can also be seen. The stain is about 18 inches long to put it in to perspective. When we attempted to clean the stain with some soap and water the awful smell immediately returned. Mike said he’s going to keep the rug in the boat house where the smell or the stain wont matter.

Petition Berkley To Fix Their GULP! Alive Packaging!