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Japanese Boat Capsized By Huge Jellyfish

A Japanese fishing boat was overturned by giant Nomura’s jellyfish off the coat of Chibu after attempting to pull in nets filled with the giant Nomura’s jellyfish weighing up to 200kg each. If it wasn’t bad enough that those fishing for the beasts are in danger, scientists are apparently preparing for a “typhoon” of huge jellyfish to hit Japan.

Nomura's Jellyfish

Scientists fear weather and water conditions are perfect for a “typhoon” of the creatures, of which little is known.

“The arrival is inevitable,” Hiroshima University Professor Shinichi Ue said.

“A huge jellyfish typhoon will hit the country.”

A decline in predators of the jellyfish, such as sea turtles, is believed to be one reason there has been an increase of them in recent years.

Little is known about the jellyfish, primarily confusion about its random appearances off the coast of Japan. Last year there were almost no sightings but in 2007 there were more than 15,500 reports of damage to fishing equipment by the creatures.