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Apex Predator Fishing Shirts

There seems to a push for good looking fishing t-shirt and the folks over at Apex Predator have stepped up in a big way.

Bass shirt

trophy tuna fishing shirttrophy bass fishing shirt originated in Los Angeles, California as an offshoot of the So Cal Top Guns Fishing Team. After creating several traditional-styled shirts for the club with functionality being paramount (dark colors to hide the blood of the prey and lightweight longsleeve T’s for maximum UV protection while on the water), we were starting to be asked where to buy them.

Our original designs were created in the Southern California Saltwater Sportfishing tradition and make up the Top Guns line. We soon after added the Apex Predator line, a freshwater line with the same Top Guns durability and comfort. More recently, we introduced the Black Labels, our premier line designed to look great both on the water and off. In the near future we will be adding unique vintage “wash” styled shirts of the same quality used by Ed Hardy, Affliction, and others to this line, giving you both the best fishing designs and top quality shirts available anywhere!