January 2010

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New Fishing Fury Brand Gear!

We’re hard at work to bring you what you’ve been asking for, and the number one request I keep hearing about are t-shirts! It’s crazy to think that the last “official” t-shirt was so many years ago (pre 2005?)! That limited edition print, no more than 20 shirts total, were sold and given away to friends and family in a matter of hours.

Many of you have already seen the Fishing Fury script designed by our good friend and tattoo artist Alie K. We’ll here is your chance to get it on a t-shirt*! We’re still getting all the sizes (mens, womens, and childrens) and logo colours (blue, red, pink) setup in the store, but if you see something you want that we’re missing just let us know! I’m also working on the dark coloured shirts, just have to figure out how to get the graphics right with their system.

* Oops did I only say t-shirt?! Cause you’ll also find them on stickers, mugs, and hoodies!

Also check out or official forum for Fishing Fury brand gear and apparel.

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I Love the BVI

If you followed this site for any amount of time you’ve probably seen me write about the British Virgin Islands. I was born on the main island of the BVI, called Tortola, and it one of my favorite places to fish. Its been a few years since I’ve been back and every winter it kills me that I’m shoveling snow while other people are capitalizing on the great fishing to be had. Luckily there are a couple of people documenting their BVI fishing experiences as I did. So if you are looking for some awesome tropical fishing photos to keep you warm this winter, check out This River Is Wild. An make sure you read back a few pages, there is a ton of great reading! One of the authors, Matt, has managed to do what most visitors fail to do, consistently catch tarpon on the fly!

Here are a few of his catches from the BVI!

Check out more at thisriveriswildflyfishing.blogspot.com/
Keep it up bro!

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