Posted on January 21, 2010 by

Strike Tech Reels

I stumble across the Strike Tech reel website earlier today and discovered a new reel technology I had never heard of before, Live Action Spool. At first glance these reels look like any other spinning reel but there is one huge difference, you don’t have to move the rod to change the action of your lure, the reel does it for you. Think of it as the ultimate lazy mans fishing reel. With a quick adjustment of the spool your lure action changes greatly.

“The Live Action Spool system sends five action pulses to your lure with every rotation of the handle. The secret is in the two piece spool, you pre-set the spool by turning it to the degree of action that you want! It now works like a cam altering the speed of retrieve every time the bail passes round the spool.”

I’m not convinced this would replace my normal spinning reels, but I’d love to give one a try!

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