Posted on June 9, 2010 by

CL8Bait CB-9: First Impressions

I own a lot of lures that I used to call premium lures, but not any more. As soon as I picked up the CL8Bait CB-9 perch lure I knew that this was the lure that all others would now be compared to. With an $80 price tag this is a lure that the average fisherman will probably never own but will wish they did.

Creator Clayton Bryant has put in years of research and testing to make sure that his big swimbaits not only look and perform brilliantly, but are also built with the best materials to ensure they last. These lures measure 9 inches in length and are available in floating, slow sink, and fast sink models, weighing 4.4, 4.7 and 5.2oz respectively. Recently, Clayton has released new smaller versions of these lures measuring just 5 inches.

So you may be wondering what makes these so special. Well, apart form the tough composite construction, awesome swimming action, high quality paint and eight colour patterns, this lure also uses magnets to hold and disguise hooks behind fins, keeping them out of site from even the most picky predator.

While this lure is made for big southern bass, I’ll be giving it a go in some premier Canadian muskie water later this month. Will the Cl8Bait be able to withstand the fearsome jaws of freshwaters apex predator? Only time will tell, stay tuned to find out!