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Announcing The Official 2010 Fishing Fury Contributor Contest

I am pleased to announce this years biggest and most exciting contest on Fishing Fury, the first ever Fishing Fury Contributor Contest where you could win a custom Sportsman Trophy Plaque of your submission! Here is your chance to be immortalized on the internet and among your friends as a legendary fisherman and official Fishing Fury contributor!

* Contest ends at 12:00AM December 31st 2010, all entries must be confirmed prior to the cut off. Continue reading for rules and requirements.

Grand Prize

That’s right, the grand prize winner of the first ever Fishing Fury Contributor Contest will receive a completely original and one-of-a-kind Sportsman Trophy Plaque (valued at $95) just like the one above that I had made for Clive and his trophy catch on our last trip to Little Vermilion Lake. The great guys at Sportsman Trophy Plaque have even signed on as a sponsor for our site! I simply can’t thank them enough for their sponsorship and contribution of the grand prize!

Other Prizes

We haven’t confirmed our list of prizes for second and third place, and possibly even fourth and fifth, but we have a pretty good list of possibilities in products we know and love, and even products we’ve recently reviewed. Of course Rockstar Lures is already signed on with a prize of your choice of 3 custom Rockstar Lure spinnerbaits (excluding the extremely long Big Mama, I believe). And best of all, there should be plenty of new stickers and stuff that everyone who enters should get something.


These are the rules for the 2010 contributor contest, please read them carefully. You must comply with all of the rules to be eligible for the grand prize, the high quality images are required to create (print) the best Sportsman Trophy Plaque possible. You must also confirm your entry and photo release to ensure your entry is counted, it’s just a simple as an email reply so don’t be scared.

  1. All fish must be legally caught in 2010 under the stated rules of your local department of natural resources. No out of season fish will be accepted for this contest. In some cases we may ask you to provide us with help finding this information to validate your catch.

  2. At least two high resolution (4 megapixel or greater) digital photos. We want the ones straight off your digital camera, no photoshopping or colour correcting allowed. Just the raw photos please. This is a requirement of the grand prize, though you could still potentially win secondary prizes with a low resolution photo, the higher resolution the better.

  3. At least two paragraphs describing your experience, including a title, location, species of fish, weather conditions, lure, etc.

  4. Your full name and email address, along with your photos and story, emailed to [email protected] with the subject of “2010 Contributor Contest”.

  5. Confirmation of your entry and photo release. This will be sent to you in reply to your entry, you’ll just need to reply and confirm to be entered.

  6. Multiple entries are allowed, though you can only win one of the top prizes.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your entries!