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World’s 1st Stand-Up Paddle Striped Marlin Catch

That’s right, you thought the guy who caught a shark from a stand-up paddle board was crazy. Wait until after you watch this video, then tell me who’s crazier. Kudos to this guy and his chiropractor for a stand-up job!

On November 14th, Carl Schroderer and the crew of the fishing boat, Kelsey Lee, attempted and accomplished the first successful hook, fight and release of a Striped Marlin on a Stand-Up Paddleboard. The feat was completed off the coast of the infamous Magdalena Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Marlin was caught on live bait with 50 pound test line in just over 8 minutes.

We’re no stranger to Magdalena Bay, we’ve never seen any marlin but we have been whale watching.

via Australian Kayak Fishing Forum