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Dave Mercer’s Seminar and Book Signing was Fantastic!

If you didn’t have the opportunity to check out Dave Mercer’s seminar and book signing at Bass Pro Shops you missed a wonderful thing. Dave talked for about an hour about fishing, his book, and Koppers Live Target lures– and I think what I liked most about it (and his book) is that everything is broken down into simple bite size ideas that you easily digest and retain. It’s like the tapas of fishing tips, really.

Luckily I was able to move my appointments around on saturday so that I could make this event and meet Dave. The seminar was great and getting to meet Dave after was an amazing treat. Readers of this blog probably already know where huge fans of Dave Mercer (and Kopper Lures), but as it turns out Dave is also a really big fan of ours!

I asked Dave if he would sign a second book for me so that I could give it away in our 2010 Contributor Contest (you’ve only got 12 days left!!) and he was more than happy to! Dave also signed a personalized copy for myself and when I opened the book again at the checkout line I was surprised and elated.

Oh, before I forget… Happy Birthday Dave!