Posted on February 22, 2011 by

Okuma Aventa VT1002 Reel

I picked up a nice float fishing combo at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show last weekend for a cool 229 bucks- and tax free! This Okuma Aventa VT1002 center pin reel is paired with a beautiful 13′ Quantum Cold Water Steelhead rod. I would have taken some pictures of the fishing rod, but since it’s only a two piece there aren’t many places where I can put a 7′ section of rod under my lights. I’ll try to take some in the field this spring.

The reel is backed with 12# Suffix Siege monofilament (not show in photos), running 6# Siglon Hi-Vis Float line, and will eventually be tipped with some Seguar fluorocarbon. This type of fishing is extremely new to me, I’ve never caught a steelhead in my life, however a few of my friends have convinced me to join them and I can’t wait for the streams to start flowing.