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Fishing Fury Wins A Tripbase Award

This one’s no April fools joke either, we’ve won for best fishing/angling blog! Tripbase is a great site for finding vacations when you just want to get away, it’s kind of like a good slot machine in that you giver a pull- and it will spin out great some results from all over the globe! Give it a shot, if not just to see what amazing destination you could go to if you left tomorrow. We’ve decided to display our award on the sidebar, so as you scroll down please applaude.

This awards category is for the best fishing blogs of 2011. To compile it, we scoured the Internet for the most passionate fishing and angling blogs out there which guide readers through the many types of fishing and angling vacation.

Whether you’re a newbie trying to work out how rod licences work or an accomplished fly fisherman looking for a helicopter tour of Russia’s salmon lakes, we’ve plucked only the best blogs from a very long list of possibilities.

All the blogs we encountered were brimming with enthusiasm – fishermen and anglers are devoted to their passion. We have had to select the blogs based on their ability to express this passion in a clear and educational way. We’ve given preference to blogs which provide photographs, even if they are just of men holding large fish. We’ve also given preference to the angling blogs which describe the sites and the surrounding area, ideally noting the nearby pubs and amenities available to fishermen.

Below is the final list of award winners. We hope that you’ll find them enlightening if you’re just starting out and edifying if you’ve got a few years experience under your belt. This is your first port of call on the way to angling heaven.