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Happy Birthday Fishing Fury!

That’s right today, June 8th, is our official birthday- which makes 7 years old! Sometimes its hard to believe how far we’ve come since that first year fishing Mystery Lake (video, video), Toronto Islands, and even my short trip to Key West. In our second year, in 2005, we branched out further bringing the fury to La Paz, Mexico (more, more, more, more, video) and the British Virgin Islands (more, more, video) and still had some time to come back and target trophy pike in Little Vermilion Lake (video).

Since Clive and I started this blog we always knew we wanted better things, and that if we worked hard enough we could eventually take ourselves there on our own merit. Several milestones later years of work started paying off with interviews by several newspapers, writing for a Fins + Skins magazine, and even working with Tim Cherry and Jamie Pistili of Big City Fishing to name a few of the most exciting.

Even the site layout and design has grown so much over the last few years, how many people here remember the original PHP-Nuke design from 2004?

Fury OLIVE 2004 Fury BLACK 2006 Fury WHITE 2008

My what a long way we’ve come… And there’s no stopping here!