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Pure Alaska Salmon Salad Bacon Bowls

This is all part of an up and coming review of Pure Alaska Salmon canned wild Alaskan salmon, but it was so delicious that I thought I would share it as a mouth-watering first impression.

I made the bacon bowls out of two pieces of bacon, one cut in half to create the bottom, and one full strip around the side. The bacon is weaved over the bottom side of a cupcake tin covered in tin foil, very similar to these bacon cups. After the bacon cups were done cooking and cooled for a few minutes I filled them with some chopped spinach, bell peppers, tomatos, red onion and mushrooms. Then topped them with some Pure Alaska Salmon Think Pink! Pink Salmon and a few drops of olive oil, some fresh rosemary and ground pepper. After that I started experimenting with other flavours until I ran out of salmon and bacon bowls.

The wild pink salmon was absolutely delicious and it’s very healthy, not to mention sustainable, though I realize that I probably negated some of that by eating like eight pieces of bacon. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m very picky about my fish choices at the dinner table and I don’t like canned fish. I’ve never eaten canned salmon before, but I really enjoyed the overall taste and texture of the pink salmon even right out of the can. The full review will be coming in the next few weeks, until then you can enjoy some more photos of other combinations I created.