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Quantum EXO Spinning Reel

We took a quick look at the Quantum EXO baitcast reel a few days ago, but made not mention of the EXO spinning reel. Both are extremely impressive in design and technology and both are must haves if you are a fishing enthusiast. The EXO spinning reels will retail for about $200 USD, putting them near the top of Quantums impressive spinning reel lineup – below the Tour Edition PTi and above the Energy PTi series which I currently own and absolutely adore.

Besides its good looks, the real selling feature of this EXO reel is its rediculously light weight. Any fisherman who spends all day on the water knows just how grueling it can be. The reel alone is 3.9 oz less than the equivalent size Tour Edition and Energy PTi spinning reels. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but there isn’t another quality reel out there that is so light and at the end of the day you’ll feel the difference.


Stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system
Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings
LMS™ line management system
Extra-hard PT gears
Lightweight, machined aluminum crank handle
Continuous Anti-Reverse™

“Metal Where it Matters”. That’s the thinking behind our exoskeletal hybrid construction. It combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. This allows us to build the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than a graphite composite frame.