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Rest In Pieces Quantum Cabo PTs

Almost 6 years ago today, I got a shiny new Quantum Cabo PTs CBC31 for my birthday. It’s been my go-to reel for chasing muskie and pike, and has even seem some saltwater use. Despite a few minor out of the box issues, the reel has performed incredibly and caught me some of my biggest freshwater fish. Last summer I noticed a strange clicking noise each time I cranked the reel. Besides the noise, I could feel a small bump with each rotation. This wasn’t an issue until this season when the bump got more severe and even stopped the reel from cranking when reeling slowly. I took the reel apart to examine the damage and figured a good cleaning would sort it out. It was worse then expected though, the main drive gear was cracked! I looked online and I found the part though Zebco’s support site and made the call to order the $7 part, as well as some addition parts so I could get the reel running and looking like new. I got the parts in the mail yesterday tore the box open, excited to rebuild my beloved reel. All the lovely new parts I ordered were there, except the one I really needed, the drive gear. After a quick look at my invoice, I scanned the part list and saw “B/O” beside the part number. Back ordered. I guess that means that I’m going to have to wait a little bit longer to get my reel back!

The Crack

After struggling to pull apart the reel due to seized up parts, the main gear cracked in three!

And finally, a few of the big fish caught on My Quantum Cabo!