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Tackle Industries Musky Rods – First Impressions

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and its true. My first impression of Tackle Industries 9 foot musky was definitely memorable. All of my current fishing rods were bought from stores where I was able to to have a good look at each rod and lift each one to see which one felt right. I took a chance ordering a Tackle Industries musky rod without ever seeing one or picking one up. I don’t even know anyone that owns own, but the rods looked solid. After exchanging a few emails with the owner, and receiving some of the best customer service I have ever had, I not only ordered a rod but several lures too. I waited very impatiently for the rod to arrive, and just a few long days later I finally had it!

The large tube shaped package stood before me, reaching all the way up to my ceiling. In its packaging it looked more like a stripper pole then a fishing rod. The package felt way too light to be a big heavy duty musky rod and for a moment I feared that someone had stolen the rod. I was relieved as I pulled the rod out of the case and saw the Tackle Industries logo starring back at me. It was extraordinarily light weight for its size, weighing in at only 9.4 ounces (268 grams) on my scale. To put that into perspective, a full can of Coke weighs 12 ounces. When you pick it up, its sort of like picking up a carton of milk when you expect it to be full and it isn’t.

I like big butts

Tackle Industry musky rod (top) compared to Shimano Compre musky rod (bottom)

A few specs on this rod:

“Mag Heavy” XH Power Rods: Retail $145.95 (Only $120 during the current summer sale!)
– Rod length is 9′
– Lure weight rated: 3-12oz
– Line weight rated: 60-130lb
– Power: XH or Extra Heavy
– Speed/Action: Medium Fast

– Quality Fuji® components and Fuji® Reel seats
– Number of guides (10); Fuji® Alconite tip top guide and 9 SiC
– 9′ Solid blank rod handle length: 18″
– 1.3″ diameter oversize cork handle with flared end for ultimate comfort all day
– 6″ cork foregrip

This is the fifth rod in my muskie/pike arsenal and despite being more then a foot longer then the others, its the second lightest, just behind my Shimano Compre muskie rod. I cant wait to test this rod out on some big fish!