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Jackall Lures Swimming Ninja – First Impressions

The Swimming Ninja from Jackall Lures is without a doubt one of the best looking soft swimbaits on the market today. It looks even more impressive in the water thanks to its incredible tail-kicking action. The Swimming Ninja retails for about $20 USD, which is a little expensive for most fishermen, but completely worth it in my opinion.

This lure was responsible for Kota Kiriyama’s 12th place finish at the Bassmaster Elite series tournament at Lake Amistad. The Swimming Ninja casts like a bullet, has an absolutely awesome falling action and sits face down, ass up on the bottom. While this lure was made with bass in mind, it looks like a killer pike lure to me! This lure is available in five patterns but I went with the trout pattern which has been productive for small mouth here in Nova Scotia the past. My only complaint so far is that the Swimming Ninja can’t be retrieved very quickly, so leave your burner reel at home.

“Jackall’s Swimming Ninja has a realistic swimming action and paint design. Shad Tail design moves more water and has a wobbling and rolling action. Designed to swim like a real bait fish trying to escape from it’s predators. Swimming Ninja is 6 inches in length which is the perfect size for medium and large bass. It weights 1-1/4 oz. and is a slow sinking so you can control the depth. It also comes with two treble hooks, the back treble hook is a free floating trailer hook so the fish can not get any leverage.”

Check out what Kota Kiriyama has to say about the Swimming Ninja below.