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GoPro BlurFix From Snake River Prototyping – First Impressions

Back when we first got our hands on a GoPro camera we mentioned a pretty serious flaw with it. The camera takes awesome vivid images and video when it is not in its underwater case, but when it is, there is a very noticeable loss of focus and blur on the edges while under the water. Being fisherman, and wanting the camera to be used almost solely for underwater footage, this was pretty heart breaking. While there are some great workarounds thanks to some very creative people, we’ve gone with the BlurFix adapter from a company called Snake River Prototyping operating out of Idaho, USA. Not only does it solve the focus issue, but the BlurFix is the best looking solution I’ve seen so far.

The adapter is pretty easy to install and took me less than 15 minutes to complete, though you do need to let the sealant dry for 24 hours before you can use the camera. You’ll be provided with pretty much everything you’ll need to get the job done which is great because I typically don’t have aquarium sealant lying around the house. While the BlurFix adds a little bulk to an otherwise tiny camera, it does make it look a little bit more professional, instead of looking like a toy. Not only does it sharpen up the edges, but it allows you to change filters which I’m certain will come in very handy for most people who are into cameras.

The BlurFix kit includes installation materials and one clear filter for $75 USD. Now this isn’t very much in the world of camera adapters and accessories, but it may be too much for people who already think the GoPro is priced too high. Personally, I think the camera is a great price (I’ve paid more for lesser cameras), and an extra $75 to improve the hours and hours of footage you’ll no doubt get out of it isn’t very much in the grand scheme of things. We’ll share some underwater footage with you soon so you can see the adapter in action.

For those of you wondering how difficult it is to install, here is a 6 minute video from Snake River Prototyping that shows the BlurFix installation from start to finish.