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Kistler Magnesium Stick Worm 7’0″ Rod – First Impressions

If you believe they hype, Kistler Rods are among the best in the business. They specialize in light weight, high quality premium bass fishing rods. This is only the second rod I have ever had shipped to me, I’ve always preferred to have a good look at a rod in person before buying. The last rod exceeded my expectations and I really hoped this one would too. The 7 foot rod came sealed in a long white PVC pipe, ensuring that no damage came to the rod during its travel from its birthplace in Magnolia, Texas to my doorstep in Halifax, Nova Scotia more than 2600 miles away. To say I was excited to see me new rod was an understatement. This rod was a complete surprise, I didn’t even know what type of rod I was receiving – I had just told Trey Kistler the type of fishing I like to do, and he said he had just the rod for me.

I opened the end of the its PVC tomb and pulled out a shiny new 2011 Magnesium Stick Worm – Swimming Bait Special 7’0″ Med-Heavy casting rod! With any Kistler rod the first thing most people would notice is its incredibly light weight. For me it wasn’t the weight that caught my attention, it was the colour. Green. It wasn’t a terribly pretty green by any stretch, but once I got it outside and the sunlight hit it it had a whole new glow to it. After a day of using this rod it didn’t matter. I would still use this rod even if it was bright pink, it is really that good. It’s so good in fact, that I haven’t even touched any of the six bass rods I have since I got it.

The rod is specially designed for stick-worms, light Texas and Carolina rigs, spinnerbaits, swimming-jigs and swim-baits. If you know my fishing style, I don’t have to tell you I used it mostly with spinnerbaits. The rod felt incredible paired with my Quantum Tour Edition PT reel. The microguides not only look great but perform extraordinarily. Even the baitholder hook impressed me!

The Specs:

Fuji ECS singler groove, blank exposed reel seat
Fuji stainless steel, hardloy guides and tip
Action: Fast
Length: 7′ 0″
Power: Medium-Heavy
Lure weight: 1/8 – 3/4 oz.
Line weight: 12 – 17 lb.
Handle length: 10″
Line guides: 8 plus the tip

The rod was priced around $200 USD when I got it, and is available right now for only $99! I really don’t think you can find another new rod on this planet that is priced better. The hype is real, even this mid range Kistler rod blows away any of the rods I currently own. I cant wait to get my hands on one of their high end rods!

Still not a believer? Stay tuned for the full review!