Posted on October 13, 2011 by

Big Smallie Tackle is Like the Rockstar Lures of Jigs

No, Big Smallie Tackle and Rockstar Lures are not related. But they do seem to share a few of the same ideals like attention to detail and being handcrafted with care and flair. Not to mention making some of the biggest damn jigs I’ve ever seen like this monster 10-inch swim jig!

The legendary hair jig has brought in more smallmouth, walleye, and striped bass than any other artificial in history. Yet somehow the hair jig has become terribly underrated for adding weight to the livewell since the introduction of affordable rubber and silicone dressings. A good old fashioned bear hair, bucktail, or rabbit hair jig has become the necessity of only those who can’t buy a bite with anything else in the tackle box. Only after that mean cold front passes and the bass seem to all but disappeared will anglers tie on the dependable hair jig from their “panic box.”

We will be receiving some Big Smallie Tackle jigs in the next week or two for review, and I’m also working on a special trip to Mystery Lake before the end of October. Combine those two and you should be in a big bass treat when I get back!