Posted on October 20, 2011 by

Van Staal VM150: First Impressions

Van Staal makes the only reel that look as at home on a solid gold chain as they do on a fishing rod. Their stunning design won me over the very first time I lay eyes on them and I have dreamed of owning one ever since. While the new VM150 doesn’t come in the same stunning gold and silver finishes its big brothers do, its still every bit as beautiful.

The Van Staal VM150 is the latest and greatest addition to my reel collection and will have a primary task of landing big striped bass here on the east coast. Its secondary, but most urgent task, is to join me on my upcoming trip to the British Virgin Islands to chase tarpon and several other species. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about this reel when I return in mid November, but for now, enjoy the unboxing!

“Never before has the strength and power of a Van Staal machined reel been offered in such a versatile and affordable option. The new VM150 features a changeable left- or right-hand retrieve, holds 350 yards of 30-pound braided line and can handle up to 30 pounds of drag stopping power. At $399 it’s the strongest, most affordable reel in its class. The fully machined aluminum and stainless steel construction of the VM150 create more than enough strength to tackle big and exotic fish and the precision gears and smooth drag performance make it the perfect go-to reel from boat or from shore.”