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Phantom Lures: First Impressions

In the past few years I have fished with a lot of great muskie anglers and they have all had one thing in common besides their love of muskie – they all had Phantom Lures in their tackle box.

Phantom Lures are high quality glide baits that are made in the good ole U.S.A. They feel like they are made of wood but are made of a solid, high impact polymer. The moment you lay eyes on these lures you can tell they are built to endure. Each lures is hand painted, covered with thick epoxy and assembled with heavy duty triple split rings.

The good folks at Phantom Lures have expended upon their great lineup of lures recently and offer several sizes ranging from a bite size 4 inches to a legendary 14 inches. As far as I know all size are available in each of the 15 patterns and with or without a soft tail.

*14 inch Phantom not pictured here.

Of all the glide baits I have used over the years, the Phantom Lure is one of the easiest and most fun to use. I’ve spent a lot of hours casting these beauties and they have earned a spot as one of my all time favorite lures!

Phantom patterns

My first Phantom Lure muskie!