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Fishing Fury 2011 Final Christmas Giveaway!

Our last contest isn’t over yet, but here is the final Christmas giveaway we’ll feature this year. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to give away one of my favorite lures as a prize! There may have been beer involved, but I agreed! This contest is a little bit different then our previous giveaways, this time you will need to guess how many lures are on and under the Fury Christmas tree! The tree features some new lures, and some of my very own used lures, including some that have caught many of my biggest fish! There is even an assortment big pike and muskie lures!

The rules are simple, each person has one guess, and in the event that the same number is picked twice, only the first person that picked it will be counted. There will be only one (1) winner. You must comment on this post with your guess, or comment on our Facebook page under the status update about this contest. If no one guesses the the exact amount, the substitute prize for the closest guess is one of the greatest lures ever made, a brand new Mepps Musky Killer (yellow and black) from one of my all time favorite fishing companies, Brecks.

Guess how many lures for your chance to win!

This contest will run until the final minute of 2011 (EST) and the winner will be provided with list of the lures shortly after!