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Behold The Monster Musky Rescue Team!

If you’re having a bad day, this wonderful act of human kindness should really brighten things up for you. A couple of dedicated musky anglers happened upon a monster musky with a massive sheepshead stuck in its mouth and decided to take action. They pulled the musky on to their boat and performed a quick life saving removal of the sheepshead and revived the musky enough for a live release. All of which is caught on video!

my friends and i were waved over to another angler to see a monster musky dying on the surface with a huge sheephead stuck in its mouth…..we had to help so we stopped casting went over to the muskie and struggled to rescue it once we got the fish out of its jaws we revived the muskellunge and it swam away

Let’s all give these guys a round of applause! After the break you can watch a short clip from the same guys of a HUGE 53.5 inch 42 lb musky caught from shore.